Western Islamic Architecture

Among the glories of world architecture, Islamic mosques and palaces &#8212; from Spain to Egypt and other parts of the Middle East &#8212; are universally studied and admired. This profusely illustrated introduction to that subject gives a lively account of the style of structures symbolized by domed mosques, mosaic-lined arcades, and filigreed interiors.<BR>A brief, scholarly essay, followed by drawings, maps, and photographs of excellent quality, contrasts &#8212; among other buildings &#8212; the airy internal ornamentation and almost elegant sensuality of Spain's Alhambra with the austerity of Egypt's Mosque of Ibn Tulun, both of which, in turn, are compared to the monumental Ottoman mosques built in Turkey.<BR>One of the most useful reference tools for studying architecture of the Islamic world, this «remarkably lucid survey &#8230; will be particularly valuable in high school and college libraries.» &#8212; <I>Best Sellers</I>.

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