Men, Sex + Food

"Although targeted for men, MEN, SEX + FOOD was an enjoyable and eye-opening read for me as a woman. I appreciate how the book is written in 'guy-to-guy' conversation which gave me a peek into how men think and communicate about women… The book offers a step-by-step technique that strengthens the very foundation of a good relationship. As a woman, I must say that I would welcome this type of connecting. If you are a man who wants to enhance a relationship with a woman, this book is for you. If you are a woman who wants to be heard in your relationship, this is a great book to pass along to your male partner. A great find, and an easy yet powerful read." –Gina Charles<P> "Entertaining, funny, and yet such a simple truth that will probably be profound and life changing to most men. Very well written!" –Candace (Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Red Deer Alberta, Canada)<P> "What a great topic to approach. Well done!" –Heidi Kucera (Massage Therapist, Portland, Oregon, USA)

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ISBN: 9781479407842

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