Famous Inspirational Words That Bring Happiness to Your Mind

This e-book is full of beautiful color illustrations of animals and landscapes. Famous Inspirational Words That Bring Happiness to Your Mind fulfills the author&#39;s desire to create awareness for all people, including himself, of the opportunities we face when we continue to be of the world. Although we have to live in the world, if we strive to be what we want to be, we can receive inspiration from the written words that guide us and let us know we don&#39;t have to be of the world. When we make that change, we are like &quot;brand new&quot; (born again). Once educated with fresh positive ideas and affirmations, we get a new start and all that is past is forgotten.<br>Grace has brought us through the past, mercy helps us survive the present and faith keeps us looking ahead. &quot;When you don&#39;t know how to find fresh ideas that can empower you or make you feel good inside,&quot; the author says, &quot;someone else can provide this information. That&#39;s what gets you through until you learn for yourself. Education, fresh ideas to create a relaxed mind and a positive attitude does answer prayers.&quot;<br>Perry Ritthaler proceeds beyond the limitations and borders set by others and help us explore truth and ourselves. Designed to promote inner peace, personal growth and development, this e-book will take you to higher dimensions in your inner happiness, positive attitude and thinking.

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ISBN: 9781456600785

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