Motherhood - Philosophy for Everyone

The complex world of motherhood is here unveiled. Covering issues ranging from whether we should occasionally lie to our children, to the unexpected challenges and complications of being a mother, Motherhood – Philosophy for Everyone offers insightful, serious but often humorous essays that can be enjoyed by everyone – including husbands and fathers. Considers salient philosophical issues relating to pregnancy, birth, babycare, and raising a child Chapters include «The Days and Nights of a New Mother: Existentialism in the Nursery», «The Media Proudly Presents: Lessons' from Celebrity Moms», and «The Off Button: Thought Experiments and Child Control» Contains work from diverse academic perspectives, including economics, psychology, education, English, sociology, women's studies, and theological studies, as well as from nurses and stay-at-home mothers Includes a foreword by Judith Warner, the New York Times columnist («Domestic Disturbances») and author of Perfect Madness: Motherhood in the Age of Anxiety

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