The Case of Wagner and Nietzsche Contra Wagner

"The Case of Wagner" is a critique of German composer Richard Wagner in which Friedrich Nietzsche makes a very public split with the musician. Nietzsche found himself at odds with Wagner's increasing involvement in the Völkisch movement and anti-Semitism. The critique of Wagner is something that is seen throughout Nietzsche's work, beginning with «The Birth of Tragedy», wherein he praised Wagner as fulfilling a need in music to go beyond the analytic and dispassionate understanding of music. Further praise for the musician can be found in Nietzsche's essay 'Wagner at Bayreuth', contained in «Untimely Meditations». However in «Human, All Too Human», Nietzsche begins to express his disillusion with Wagner the composer and the man. «The Case of Wagner» was one of the last works authored by Nietzsche. It was followed by «Nietzsche contra Wagner», also included in this edition, in which Nietzsche summarizes his criticisms of Wagner from his previous writings.

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