Willow in Bloom

One night of wild, unbridled passion left Willow Colton pregnant–and impossibly in love with rodeo megastar Tyler Chadwick. Still, she'd never dreamed of seeing the charming cowboy again.But when he showed up at her store with amnesia, she decided–right or wrong–to keep their baby a secret and to see if no-strings-attached love could blossom between them.After his early retirement from rodeo, Tyler was suddenly drawn to the town of Black Arrow–and hoped his mysterious feelings had to do with the woman who haunted his now-clouded dreams. For he was intent on finding the woman who stirred his deepest desires…and his memory.

Категория: Зарубежные любовные романы

ISBN: 9781472080585

Правообладатель: HarperCollins

Возраст: 0+

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