Essex Girls

OMG – the Essex girls are going to Marbs! A fun, feisty novel about three glamorous, good-hearted girls that head to the most reem place of all: Marbella.Jade did everything she could to fit in at university – toned down her tan, gave up on her favourite fake lashes, and retired her curling tongs. And it seemed to make her boyfriend Tom happy. But obviously not quite happy enough.When Jade finds Tom’s been cheating she heads home: to Essex. Reunited with her best mates Kelly and Lisa, even a night out at The Sugar Hut isn’t enough to put a smile back on her face. So they hatch a plan to get away from it all, to a place so ream it’s unreal – Marbella. Sun, sea, men, vajazzles: what could possibly go wrong?You’ll be well jel over the adventures of these three super glam, strong-willed Essex girls. Perfect for fans of TOWIE and the novels of Katie Price.You can take the girl out of Essex…

Категория: Зарубежные любовные романы

ISBN: 9780007486472

Правообладатель: HarperCollins

Возраст: 0+

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