Romney Marsh Trilogy: A Gentleman by Any Other Name / The Dangerous Debutante / Beware of Virtuous Women

In USA TODAY bestselling author Kasey Michaels's compelling Regency trilogyFormer privateer Ainsley Becket and his adopted brood of rescued orphans retreat to Romney Marsh when they are targeted by a madman set on revenge. In a world of pirates and smugglers–and an evil enemy bent on their destruction–Chance, Morgan and Elly Becket struggle to establish themselves and to find enduring, fulfilling love.Bundle includes A Gentleman By Any Other Name, The Dangerous Debutante and Beware of Virtuous Women.

Категория: Зарубежные любовные романы

ISBN: 9781408976616

Правообладатель: HarperCollins

Возраст: 0+

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