The Hot Ladies Murder Club

A FEW DRINKS, SOME LAUGHS… WHAT COULD BE MORE INNOCENT?It's just a fun night out with the girls, with talk of men, sex and murder? Why not, when each of them has a lawyer who deserves to get his just deserts. And so the Hot Ladies Murder Club is born–made up of names written boldly in bloodred lipstick. Each lady has a diabolical plan in store for her lawyer. But the not-quite-what-she-seems Hannah Smith wouldn't mind the lawyer opposing her–the deliciously sexy Joe Campbell–winding up quite alive…and in her bed.WHAT COULD BE MORE DEADLY?Then the joke suddenly becomes national news when lawyers and Hot Ladies both come under attack. Hannah–who has a close acquaintance with fear already–knows her life could be in jeopardy. There's only one man whose help she dares accept…bad-tempered, ruthless and utterly drop-dead-gorgeous Joe Campbell, who insists he's in charge of protecting his life. And hers!

Категория: Зарубежные любовные романы

ISBN: 9781474024228

Правообладатель: HarperCollins

Возраст: 0+

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