Your 168

Put your values first and focus on what matters most Despite our good intentions, many of us experience a chronic imbalance between the desire to live our values and the distractions and never-ending to-do lists that can get in the way. In  Your 168: Finding Purpose and Satisfaction in a Values-Based Life , readers learn how to pursue a values-based life by identifying and committing to their values and priorities. The book is written by bestselling author Harry Kraemer, former Chairman and CEO of Baxter International and currently a professor of management and strategy at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, where he was a Professor of the Year. Kraemer uses personal stories and insights from others to help readers discover the dissonance between what they say is most important and where they actually devote their time. This is an eye-opener for most people, uncovering the obstacles to leading a value-based life. In Your 168 , you will learn how to make changes and build new habits that put your values first by: ● Using self-reflection to identify what matters most and become more aware of how you spend your time ● Re-evaluating priorities such as career, family, health, recreation, spirituality, and making a difference ● Avoiding unpleasant “surprises” and “hitting the brick wall” ● Experiencing better balance in real time amid shifting priorities—personally and professionally Fans of Kraemer's previous books on values-based leadership will embrace this new release – Your 168: Finding Purpose and Satisfaction in a Values-Based Life . The book provides actionable advice, filled with tips on how to live a life of meaning and experience a greater sense of purpose. Everyone will feel inspired to make lasting change. All of Harry’s proceeds from the book sales are donated to the One Acre Fund in Africa.

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ISBN: 9781119658764

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