The New CFO Financial Leadership Manual

Praise for The New CFO Financial Leadership Manual «Steve Bragg has done it again! This manual shows what a CFO needs to do to truly add value. It should be mandatory reading for all CFOs who want to play a strategic role in their organizations.» —Janice M. Roehl-Anderson, Partner, Deloitte Consulting «This timely guide will help CFOs master the right thinking and management skills. An effective tool for navigating today's corporate financial waters.» —Clint Davies, Principal, Berry, Dunn, McNeil & Parker «An excellent reference book and good reading besides. This book is a how-to for new and experienced CFOs. It is one place for new CFOs to get information on how to start in their job as well as continuing reference on many issues-such as personnel, accounting and reporting, banking, credit, taxes, and so on.» —Gail W. Sevier, CPA, Member/Manager of Marrs, Sevier & Company LLC

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ISBN: 9780471463344

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