Payroll Best Practices

120 best practices to improve the total process of the payroll department Payroll Best Practices examines, in great detail, best practices for the payroll function, and how to install them to provide readers with an in-depth knowledge of how this critical functional area can be improved. Here, controllers, payroll managers, and CFOs will discover the exact work plans needed to implement each best practice in their organizations, and lays out pitfalls likely to be encountered and avoided along the way. This how-to resource for payroll improvements includes: * Techniques for reducing the workload and error rate of the payroll staff * Methods for switching from an in-house to an outsourced payroll solution * Ways to create or outsource a Web-based timekeeping system * Approaches to switching to an employee-driven payroll deduction system * Graphics indicating the cost and implementation duration for each best practice * Policies and procedures that support the best practices * A simplified best practices implementation plan * An appendix that summarizes the large number of best practices presented * A glossary of key payroll-related terminology * And much more

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