Accounting Is Not a Foreign Language

Does accounting seem to be all Greek to you? Many small business owners have the passion and expertise necessary to run their businesses, but keeping journals and tallying accounts can be mystifying. Fear not! In Accounting Is Not a Foreign Language, Jeanine Pfeiffer guides readers through the fundamentals and complexities of accounting, using clear and straightforward terms to explain what all those numbers actually mean. Pfeiffer, an accountant with twenty years of experience in both small and large business accounting and the CEO of Pfeiffers Accounting and Consulting, LLC, offers this book to assist small business owners in keeping accurate and updated accounts and establishing a basic understanding of accounting. From debits and credits to income statements, Pfeiffer demonstrates just how to make accounting work for you, laying a foundation for future growth and profit. Her LINKS approach connects the disparate parts of accounting together in an easy-to-follow manner, helping readers see that in accounting, everything is linked together—linked to the overall business. Filled with helpful resources such as sample journal entries, receipts, and invoices, as well as detailed chapter summaries, Pfeiffer’s clear and matter-of-fact explanations lift the shroud of mystery from small business accounting, revealing a simple step-by-step process to building a better business. After reading Accounting Is Not a Foreign Language, you’ll be speaking the language of accounting fluently—and translating your business accounting into solid profit.

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ISBN: 9781612540900

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