More Relaxing, Less Taxing

There are two tax systems in our country. There is one for the employee and one for the self-employed. The employee system, due to lack of knowledge, is designed to take your wealth while the other system for the self-employed and those who know the rules is designed to create wealth and economic growth. This book was created to teach you not only the knowledge that you need in order to be in the self-employed system but to show you how to save every dollar in taxes that you possibly can legally, morally and ethically. Most self-employed people unknowingly overpay in taxes by $10,000 each year even though they have a good accountant. They overpay because of lack of understanding and fear. This book will help you through both of these and help make your life </b>More Relaxing and Less Taxing</b>.

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ISBN: 9781950892259

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