The Team Coaching Toolkit

This book is about the ‘how’ of managing behavioural change in project teams.  Much of the project management literature published over the last five years urges the reader to become better leader by improving their soft skills. Few books however actually explain how to apply a people-oriented approach in practice. This book fills the gap, setting out a wide range of step-by-step exercises to use with groups that will specifically help to shape and maintain the desired behavioural norms.The book provides 55 tools and techniques, aligned with a model of team coaching derived from scientific literature on team performance as well as the author's own extensive practice and research. Each tool sits within one of five layers or stages of team development. In order to provide the reader with some context, the book will have two preliminary chapters. The book is also supported by a website with additional resources.Tony Llewellyn has worked in the major project space for 35 years, most recently focused specifically on behavioural change in groups. In his discussions with project managers he has found a consistent desire to understand how to put the theories of human team dynamics into practice. Here he shares the tools that he has developed and explains them in a way that is both theoretically credible and practically useful.

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