Retail Banking 3rd

Since the second edition of Retail Banking the world of banking has continued to go through radical change. The reputation of banks has fallen dramatically and now in many cases bankers are seen as pariahs. Yet with many economies in the western world sluggish, the need for good banking is required more than ever and strangely many of the previous basics of banking are just as relevant today. This text is a user-friendly guide and introduction to the nature of retail banking in the modern financial services industry. The book comprehensively explains how banking works, covering subjects such as payment methods, fund transfers, collecting and paying banks and the principles of the banker-customer relationship. It covers the fundamental aspects of banking and the intermediation plus the need for balance between liquidity and profitability. It introduces the topic of lending, where some key credit risk tools are reviewed and applied, and basic securities, a vital “secondary repayment method” if credit default occurs. The book puts the topical area of retail banking into context for students, readers and bank staff alike.

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ISBN: 9781908287250

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