Opt Out on Obamacare, Opt Into the Private Health Care Revolution

Heading into 2014, American businesses face an important decision about health care: Opt in or opt out?With the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, in effect, companies with more than 50 employees will either offer health care benefits or face penalties. And the choice isn’t as straightforward as it may sound—in many instances, some companies could save money by paying the fines rather than funding a health care plan. Others would lose money if they dropped coverage.Most employers would like to offer the benefit, but it needs to be truly affordable.Fortunately, the stampede of innovations introduced in the private sector over the last decade has simplified the decision; health costs can be managed if corporate managers make it a strategic priority.John Torinus Jr., author of The Company That Solved Health Care, the eye-opening book detailing one company’s game-changing health care program, now gives Opt Out on Obamacare, Opt Into the Private Health Care Revolution, a game plan for improving workforce health and dramatically lowering health costs.Unlike the new national law, it concentrates on management science, not politics. Innovative corporations have engaged their employees in taming the hyper-inflation that has plagued the health care industry for decades. CEOs, CFOs, and COOs in front-running companies are deploying management disciplines and marketplace principles to invent a better business model for health care. They are bending the curve, and this book shows you how to follow suit.

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