Closing the Sale

Customer Success Leads to Your Success If you liked  Crucial Conversations ,  The Challenger Sale  or books by Grant Cardone, you’ll love  Closing the Sale . Guide the conversation.  Closing is a process, not an event. In the closing process, there are inevitably many conversations with a variety of potential clients.  Closing the Sale  will teach you how to influence good decisions to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes from these conversations. Turn talking into decision making.  For clients, decision making can seem daunting. They may often favor the noncommittal «maybe» over the decisive «yes» or «no.»  Essential Secrets to Closing the Sale  will teach you how to help your clients make the best possible decisions for both their business goals and your own. Customer success is your success.   Closing the Sale  will show you how to attain the only real success. the win-win situation. Because the more you focus on creating success for your clients, the more successful you will be. Closing the Sale  will teach you the five essential skills to the sale closing process: Identify the  End in Mind  DecisionAddress Client Key BeliefsResolve ObjectionsPrepare the Conditions for Good Decision MakingOpen Purposefully, Close Powerfully

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