Create Special

This book is for anyone who wants to leave a dent in the world.
Jim Duffy has helped thousands of people realise their dreams in business with his start-up accelerator Entrepreneurial Spark. In his first book, he's here to help you do the same. <i>Create Special</i> reveals the secret sauce of successful entrepreneuring® – showing you exactly what it takes to train yourself for success as an entrepreneur and in life.
With wit and wisdom, and drawing on real-life case studies of people just like you, Jim sets out:
– What it really means to be an entrepreneur – and how so many get this fatally wrong – How to be enabled – and overcome any obstacle that gets in your way – The secret methods of unbelievable focus – and the incredible rewards that flow from it – How entrepreneurs deal with risk, uncertainty and volatility – and you can too – How to gain and maintain the right mindset as an entrepreneur – and be truly authentic – What the right kind of entrepreneurial discipline looks like – and how to build it day by day – Why you should shoot for the moon – and what happens when you get there.
This is a brilliantly no-nonsense and concise book that refuses to waste a second of your time – a companion to take with you and re-read again and again on your entrepreneurial journey. Even if you don't want to start a business, Jim's lessons on thinking and acting like an entrepreneur can change your life for the better. Get inspired and skilled up whatever stage you're at in business or life – and go create special!
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ISBN: 9780857196149

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