Data Science For Dummies

Make smart business decisions with your data by design!  Take a deep dive to understand how developing your data science dogma can drive your business—ya dig? Every phone, tablet, computer, watch, and camera generates data—we’re overwhelmed with the stuff. That’s why it’s become increasingly important that you know how to derive useful insights from the data you have to understand which piece of data in the sea of data is important and which isn’t (trust us: not as scary as it sounds!), and to rely on said data to make critical business decisions. Enter the world of data science: the practice of using scientific methods, processes, and algorithms to gain knowledge and insights from any type of data.  Data Science For Dummies  provides a comprehensive introduction in that friendly and approachable way you’ve come to know from Dummies. Your new go-to guide breaks down this vast topic into three smaller parts—big data, data science, and data engineering—and then shows you how to combine those areas to produce value and make informed decisions to drive business growth. It’s also filled with real-world examples and applications that you can apply to your situation.  Data Science For Dummies  demonstrates:  How natural language processing works Strategies around data science How to make decisions using probabilities Ways to display your data using a visualization model How to incorporate various programming languages into your strategy Whether you’re a professional or a student,  Data Science For Dummies  will get you caught up on all the latest data trends. Find out how to ask the pressing questions you need your data to answer by picking up your copy today.

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