The Complete Plays (The Tragedies: Volume I of III)

This comprehensive anthology provides every single one of Shakespeare's tragedy plays, from the earliest «Titus Andronicus» to «Coriolanus.» Follow one of the greatest love stories ever told in perhaps his most widely known play, «Romeo and Juliet.» In this classic tale, the two young lovers are members of feuding families, but they believe that their love transcends their families' hate. In «Othello,» a Moorish general in the Venetian army is destroyed because of the jealousy and envy that his ensign Iago holds for the distinguished Othello. «Antony and Cleopatra» is a love story about the two real-life lovers Mark Antony of Rome and Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. It is a story of jealousy, power, and death as the two lovers must deal with political unrest amidst their passionate love affair. Other plays included in the collection are «Hamlet,» «Julius Caesar,» and «Macbeth.» In typical Shakespearian fashion the tragedy of these plays is underscored by the fact that in many cases it could have been avoided if not for the fatal flaws of the principal characters. «The Complete Plays (The Tragedies: Volume I of III)» reminds readers of the genius that Shakespeare had for seeing the tragic consequences that men's choices often create for themselves.

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ISBN: 9781420948417

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