Henry VI, Part III

The third play of Shakespeare's 'First Tetralogy,' this «Part III» is widely regarded as the best of the three works on Henry VI. The Bard's skill in producing scenes of moving drama is readily apparent, for Queen Margaret journeys to France in search of military aid after King Henry brokers a deal with his enemy Richard, Duke of York, for physical protection. Many bloody and heart-rending battles take place in this play as the War of the Roses reaches its climax, with Henry VI returning from exile only to be murdered in the Tower of London by Richard, Duke of Gloucester. Though the civil war is brought to an end with the defeat of the Yorkists, the villainous plotting of the future Richard III is prophesied in Henry VI's last words. This hints at his notorious actions and tragic reign in «Richard III,» the final play of the 'First Tetralogy,' which established Shakespeare's success and reputation as a playwright to both his contemporaries and all future readers of his works.

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