Sang-Thong A Dance-Drama from Thailand

Sang Thong: A Dance-Drama from Thailand, a beloved treasure of Thailand's classical theater is now available for the first time in English.Composed by King Rama II and his court poets early in the 19th century, this captivating dance-drama blends ribald humor, sharp observation, and graceful poetry. Its incidents are based on age-old Asian legends and on vigorous folk-traditions of the Thai countryside, where King Rama II had been raised as a commoner before his father ascended the throne. Into his retelling of the story Sang Thong, a child of godlike beauty whose strange birth in a conch shell caused him to be exiled from his kingdom, the dramatist king wove reflections on the mysterious workings of fate, legends of spirits and ogres, and episodes in which the machinations of courtiers and foibles of lovers play important parts. The world transformed by the beliefs and values of an ancient civilization.For the modern Thais, Sang Thong is a rich and pervasive cultural influence. For Western readers, this translation will provide valuable insights into a fascinating, hitherto unknown literary masterpiece. Sang Thong: A Dance Drama From Thailand will offer stimulating cultural data for years to come.

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ISBN: 9781462912322

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